If Only Pets Could Talk...

If only pets could talk, the problem of lost pets would not exist.

Datamars gives voice to companion animals by means of stable and proven solutions for electronic pet identification.

With 20 years of experience in this market and having driven the development of ISO standards for companion animal identification, Datamars has a thorough understanding of all issues associated with animal identification and reunification. Datamars works with pharmaceutical companies, animal health product manufacturers, shelters, and charitable organizations to deploy its unique RFID-based pet identification and reunification solution to improve the lives of companion animals around the world.

To support its benchmark-setting RFID-based pet identification solution, Datamars maintains an innovative online reunification platform called PetLink.

PetLink provides veterinarians, shelters and pet owners a user-friendly online service to report animals that have been lost or found, as well as an online search engine, Petmaxx, that allows users to search for lost animals in 31 national databases worldwide.

Datamars manufactures microchips and scanners which, in combination with the PetLink Call Center and online reunification service, provide a complete solution for helping lost pets find their way home.