New Microfindr™ Slim

 All the Reliability You’ve Come to Expect From Datamars Now in a Significantly Smaller Microchip

Datamars pioneered ISO standards for permanent companion animal identification. Our collaboration with animal professionals and pet health organizations continues on a global basis in order to improve the lives of pets and give them the best possible chance of being reunited with their families, if they are ever lost.

The only thin microchip now available to the US veterinary profession that does not compromise read distance

MicrofindrSlim Microchip Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 0.43" + 0.016" x 0.06" + 0.001"

Weight: 0.001 ounces or 0.05 grams

Operating Temperature: -13 degrees F to +158 degrees F

Storage Temperature: -40 degrees F to +194 degrees F

Power Supply: Microchips are passive —

they do not require a battery to operate

Frequency: 134.2 kHz

Memory: 64 bit (conforms to ISO 11784/5)